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Submission Guidelines

"The Path is taken by all writers. The Path to Publication can be long and arduous. This publication is dedicated to straightening and shortening that path. Please enjoy the work of authors who have chosen to take the path to publication."

Mary Nickum, 2011

Submission Guidelines

Aquitaine Ltd sponsors a literary publication–Aquitaine’s Path Magazine, previously The Path. You are invited to submit short stories, essays, poems, and book reviews for inclusion in the semi-annual issues.


No theme is required for submissions to the magazine. For up-to-date information regarding the magazine, visit the website: Past contributors will receive a call for submissions by e-mail automatically.



We are seeking short stories and essays (between 2,500 and 7,000 words approximately) and two-page poetry.


We are looking for submissions in the following genres: 

  • Contemporary  

  • Suspense 

  • Romantic Comedy/Humorous Romance 

  • Christian/Inspirational 

  • Urban Fantasy 

  • Fantasy 

  • Paranormal 

  • Science Fiction/Futuristic/Speculative Fiction 

  • Modern Cowboy 

  • Historical/Political 


Sexual content should be “behind the door.” No erotica or explicit sexual content. 


Style and Manuscript 


Please polish and edit your manuscript before you submit it to us. Your submitted query should adhere to our style guidelines as specified here (POV, active voice, etc.). If we determine too much editorial work is required, we may request the work be resubmitted, or we may reject it outright. 


  • We want active voice storytelling, no passive voice.  

  • We prefer all books to be told in third person point of view, and require each scene remain in a single point of view for the duration of the scene. No head hopping and no omniscient POV. We are not excluding first person point of view, but your story must truly grab us. Romantic comedy and humorous romances have worked well in first person. While we are flexible on first person vs. third person, we are unwavering on our POV expectations. 

  • We are not publishing gay, homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, multiple partners, BDSM, or other alternative lifestyles romances. This is a preference, and not a moral judgement. 

  • We will immediately exclude a manuscript from consideration that includes pedophilia, bestiality, incest, necrophilia, non-consensual sex in any context (rape, forced seduction, etc.) as a means of forwarding a potential romance, and intolerance for any group classification.  


Should you have any questions about our guidelines, or whether an element of your novel is either acceptable or unacceptable prior to submitting to us, please feel free to email us at


All rights are retained by the author. At this time, there will be no compensation for accepted work at this time.

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